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“Rosemary Mangini is an angel! She knows the ins and outs of healthcare and was able to match me to the best Medicare and supplementary insurance plans to meet my unique health care needs. I am extremely happy with my experience with Rosemary and have recommended her services to friends and family. Thank you Medicare Sharks!”

Laura B.

“My health insurance premium skyrocketed and I was concerned about finding premium insurance without paying a premium price. Fortunately Rosemary Mangini listened to me to see what would meet my needs. Now I have affordable insurance that every doctor I see takes. It’s a blessing, as is the prescription plan she put me on. I love Medicare Sharks!”

Judith C.

“Nick Mangini is always there to answer my calls and I appreciate the fact that no matter how small my concern is, he always takes the time to answer my questions and explain everything in detail! Thank you Medicare Sharks & Mangini Family Insurance!”

John D.

“I was turning 65 and completely confused with every telemarketer and agent trying to sell me a plan, but nobody was able to explain Medicare in simple terms. Once I got in touch with Nick Mangini and the Medicare Sharks team, I was able to understand the steps I had to take, as Nick guided me through the entire Medicare process! From applying for Medicare A&B, to choosing a Supplement plan that fit my needs and budget, I am extremely happy that I chose Nick as my agent! I always tell my friends that they need to call Medicare Sharks!”

Patty P.

“When I was planning retirement, who knew that Medicare would be so confusing? I needed someone I could trust to give me good advice and help me choose a plan. My friend gave me Rosemary Mangini’s card and as soon as I called, I already felt at ease and knew I was in the right place. No matter how many times we went over my questions, Rosemary gave me the the information that I needed to make a good choice. She is knowledgeable and really knows Medicare!”

James S.

“I would recommend Medicare Sharks to anyone who needs to get a great Medicare plan. I was confused about Medicare until I found Nick Mangini. He is truly a God send and was able to explain all my options and helped me choose Plan F so I can see all my doctors when I travel. Thank you Nick & Rosemary!”

Sally R.

“When I moved to Florida I was confused as to if I should I keep my old Medicare plan or make changes. Then my sister made me call Medicare Sharks because she was pleased with their services. Nick explained to me that I could still keep my plan from NY but he was able to compare my rate to other carriers in the state of Florida and saved me $960 per year!”

Theresa S.

“After coming out of the hospital I got some bills that I didn’t expect since Rosemary told me that Medicare Supplement plan F is the best plan I could get. When I called her she told me not to worry and she will help me figure it out. Rosemary was the one who discovered that the hospital had the wrong policy number and together on a conference call with the hospital, Rosemary was able to get it straightened out. That’s the kind of customer service I am grateful for and I gladly recommend Rosemary to anyone who needs Medicare help.”

Karen D.

“I turned 65 and really wanted a supplement plan so I can choose my own doctors. I told Nick I’m pretty healthy and workout and never take any prescription meds. I asked Nick if there was a plan with a low premium but I did not want an HMO. He told me about a Medicare Supplement plan that no other agent told me about. I chose plan F with a deductible for 56 bucks a month!”

Tony S.

“I take a bunch of expensive drugs and insulin so finding a good part d drug plan was a challenge. Nick was up for it and he worked really hard to find a good drug plan that worked for me. I really appreciate the time and effort he spent to help me. I already recommended him to all my friends!”

Todd W.

“I had a plan F with the same company that I had through my employer but I never knew that I could get the same benefit of plan F but at a much lower cost. My friend told me to call Medicare Sharks and speak to Nick or Rosemary Mangini and they would compare prices and try to save me money. Sure enough they saved me 50 dollars a month for the same plan F. And I love that now I have an extra 600 dollars a year in my pocket! I would recommend anyone who wants to save money to give them a call to compare. It was the best call I ever made!”

Barbara C.

“Since I turned 65 I only had Medicare A&B and never gave it much thought for the last few years. After talking with my friend who had three stents put in his heart, I felt like I needed to get serious about my Medicare insurance. The thought of being responsible for paying twenty percent of a major operation was sobering. My friend recommended that I call Medicare Sharks. After Nick explained my options and compared prices from all the companies, he helped me through the application process and he called me in two days to let me know I was approved and covered. I feel much better now making that decision to cover myself.”

Victor P.

“My parents decided to go into an assisted living facility but one of our concerns was if they could get medical care within the facility. I was informed that their Medicare Advantage plan would not work with the doctors that came to the facility so I would have to arrange transportation for them to see their doctors every week. It wasn’t possible for me to help because I lived in a different state but after speaking with Nick, we were able to switch their coverage to a Medicare Supplement plan and now they are can see the doctors who come to the facility. This took the burden off my shoulders and I can rest easy knowing my parents are getting the care they need.”

Joanne P.

“Turning 65 I felt like I had a bullseye on my back for people trying to sell this plan and that plan. I couldn’t turn on the TV without seeing some type of ad for Medicare plans. It got to the point where I stopped answering the phone and pretty much threw away every piece of mail I got. Finally as I was searching on facebook, I saw an ad for Medicare Sharks and decided to give them a call. I was relieved when I realized that I wasn’t being redirected to a call-center. I was able to speak directly to a licensed broker who took the time to clearly explain things and no matter how many questions I had, she was patient and answered every one. Highly recommend calling Medicare Sharks for all your Medicare needs.”

Marsha C.

“Enrolling in Medicare was something I was not looking forward to. Every time I tried to read stuff, I was being hit with Part-this and Plan-that. After reading so much information it became more and more confusing, so I felt like I needed to get someone who can help and take a personal interest in my situation. I couldn’t have asked for better service than what I got with Medicare Sharks. They are knowledgeable, professional and to make it even better their advice is free! I would advise anyone to call Medicare Sharks if you want an easy and painless process!”

Rachel L.

“Found Medicare Sharks online and was pleasantly surprised when I actually spoke to a licensed agent who explained things in plain and simple terms. I didn’t feel any pressure as they took the time to give me quotes from various companies. After they gave me all the information that I needed as we spoke, they sent me an email where I was able to take my time to make a decision. They made the process very easy. I would recommend speaking to Medicare Sharks before making your decision.”

Moishe D.